Moving Beyond Sweets: Dining Decor Gifts Trending This Diwali

We in India know that the festive season is the perfect occasion for get-togethers, family dinners, and all that jazz. For our distant aunts’ cum homegrown culinary aficionados, it is that time of the year when they come out of their hiding to criticize all and sundry.

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Stump those nosy aunts clean bold this Diwali with designer cutlery that is detailed to be desired!

Why Cutlery Gifting is the most 2017 thing to do? #GiftsThatKeepGiving

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Cutlery has long been a traditional gift for obvious reasons: It is aesthetically uplifting, affordable and useful on the daily. Stylish and practical cutlery sets always win hearts. They make food look and taste great and really what else are festivals for?!
The best-looking serveware that is ideal for all types of occasions including but not limited to festive season, weddings and anniversaries, corporate gifting is always ergonomically and elegantly crafted.

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While gold plated cutlery comes with a touch of royalty and elegance, an imperial indulgence; stainless steel with a copper color titanium matt finish endows a rich feel of luxury.

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FnS cutlery does not only offer quality and solid designs, its resistance to corrosion and low or high temperatures certifies it as the ideal cutlery material.

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Up your dining décor game. Invite and gift your guests a dining experience that lives up to the festive mood.


How To Clean & Shine Your FnS Stainless Steel Cutlery

FnS Stainless Steel cutlery is durableenvironment-friendlypreserves flavor and besides magnificent looking, it is easy to clean!
However, the time has an indelible effect on the best of products so it could be very well possible that your cutlery loses its shine over time. But needless to say, it takes only a few effective yet simple procedures to make sure it doesn’t lose its lustre and stays clean:

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How To Clean And Take Care Of Your FnS Stainless Steel Cutlery
>You must always pre-clean the cutlery before loading it in the dishwashers. Use a dish liquid and hot water to do so. This will get rid of the leftover food particles and acids in the easy places.
>When using a dishwasher make sure the handles of spoons and forks face down and the knives face up and spread out the cutlery so that no two articles get clogged together which could make it harder to clean.
>Always hand dry washed cutlery immediately after. Remove any heat streaks or dry patches by cleaning with a soft paper towel damped with olive oil. This will also add polish to it.
>Apart from the routine cleanup, hardened stains or build-up can be gotten rid of by spot treatment. Prepare a cleaning solution by adding baking soda to dish liquid and use it to clean your cutlery periodically.


Bring Back The Shine
Like all things in the mortal world, cutlery tends to lose its lustre over time as well. You could buff your cutlery either with polish or lemon oil to make it shine like new. Always polish keeping in the direction of the grain of the steel.


“Humans have cooked since the dawn of the time but that has only made it much more special and nuanced, not mundane.”

My seventy-four-year-old grandmother has always been strong-willed, uncompromising and badass. But she only goes full gung-ho when it comes to cooking. In her kitchen, the best ideals are preached and the best tools used to produce the best ever tastes.

Last week, when I visited her after what seemed to be a long while, my grandmother took it upon herself to treat me to her clan-famous aloo paranthas. However, this time, she wanted to walk me through it. (She thinks I’m going to pick up someday.)
Here’s what I learnt:

1. While preparing the dough for paranthas, special care must be taken of the potatoes that have to be mashed for the stuffing. This is important because if the stuffing doesn’t hold right, your parantha will break before it gets under your teeth.article pic 1

To save you from such disgrace, a perfect potato masher that has rubberized handles for a sturdy grip minimizes the effort that goes into tediously mashing the aloo. Furthermore, it would also save you a lot of time.
Use that to stuff your mouths with more of those palette-pleaser paranthas!

2. When you do finally get around to rolling out a parantha and are ready to heat it in a frying pan, it is important to have a turner around to ensure smooth flips.

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Top-notch turners are a must have in an Indian kitchen,” my grandmother was very adamant. FnS Turners have strong ergonomics to lend a sure grip.

3. Since my grandmother also loves multi-tasking, by the time she got done with the first parantha, spicy chickpeas were almost ready to be had with them. Much to my surprise, she wasn’t really born with such efficiency. “It’s only smart choices in kitchen tools that can guarantee you mouth-watering results. Nothing else.” This is something she lives by, and it takes no great observational skills to notice that.

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Pulling out from her hat, a brilliant looking ladle, she served the chickpeas with it. And for the sweet&sour tomato chutney, she used a smaller service spoon. “Very important to avoid the mess at all costs!” Words of wisdom.

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While I savored the taste of those delectable paranthas with chickpeas and chutney, I realized how in addition to talent, little tools are needed the most to ensure supreme quality.

This little visit has been a life-alternating spiritual cookery Carnivale!

The fantasy element to your foodgasm

Modernity thrives on healthy food regime, but it also relies on the aesthetics of dining. It is not just about the palate that we tend to gorge on scrumptious delicacies to satiate our gastronomic levels after a tiring day at work but it is also the seduction of the dining ambience filled with the trance of well-crafted cutlery that together has the potential to entice you as well as every other person around you.


Cutlery as an embodiment of class


It is not only the food that appeals to our ecstasy -seeking -modern souls, indeed it more than that.

A fine Dine table with an eclectic mix of moods in the ever-shifting modern man’s consciousness; Gold- plated flatware with the chimes of stainless steel all round up to bring to

you an exotic culmination of articles to embalm your senses. With the touch of such pristine material and the sight of its sleekness, the connoisseur foodie in you is only a new- age poet.



What matters: What to eat v/s how to eat


The longing in us for fine dining has evolved through civilization and shifts in time as we have certainly realized the sheer Oomph that cutlery adds to the overall “how to eat”. So, it’s not just about WHAT TO EAT, it is also about HOW TO EAT. Cutlery is not just a utilitarian urbane experience but it accessorizes our dining code and is a lifestyle extravaganza. It adds to our elitism and sets the bar for the Epicureanism in our daily lives.



Cutlery cuts off the added stress


Cutlery is not just a modern artifice, it is an experience. The daily drudgery finally

meets pampering with the tender touch of steel that sticks to your familiar spaces in imagination. The range of flatware is suited perfectly for different occasions: daily usable, stylized ones for grand dinner meets, chic items for kitty -parties, a touch of antique to suit meals shared with the old in the family etc. It is a well- known thing how kids fuss over food and how difficult it is to appeal to their moods and tastes. But, a little bit of effort with the sprucing up of fine cutlery in the dining table does the trick and saves time and energy which is possible with the flatware section ‘just for kids’.



Cutlery makes eating artsy


The aesthetics to dining serve as a modern meditation to the urban workaholic of today while food is the word structure;

cutlery is the form as they together weave out an ordinary eating experience into a delightful dining stupor.

This mixture of austere and debonair in the fns flatware is a veritable mix of designs and finish to fit to the variety

of dining experiences across routine, celebrations, dinner dates; turning the mundane into hyperbolic.


An epitome of Elegance & Ergonomic, this is the 21st century table -romance, this is FNS.

Anecdotes from the Great Indian Kitchen

The little things are of utmost significance. Why so? Let’s show you.



Sweet-tooth, anyone?

Lyra’s Anglo- Indian friend really looked up to having ‘gaajar ka halwa’ after sitting through an episode on TLC. Nothing would make Lyra happier than tripping her friend up on Indian dishes and that too home-made. The idea met with despair as they did not have access to a Grater to make the work easier.

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A Peel in Time saves just fine.

While Indian ceremonies are big and fat, so is the preparation to pace up the occasion. Three-four women sat together on the kitchen floor chopping vegetables and peeling garlic, onions, etc. It takes forever to peel with a regular knife and to add fuel to fire, the knives sometimes are blunt and demotivating! A stitch in time saves nine. Here, the Peeler!


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Say Cheese!

When it comes to feeding your child’s imagination, God help your patience levels! Rory now likes cheese only if it looks like tiny pieces of snow. Where did he find such a description? He picked that up from school, his friend Nysa always has cheese like “tiny pieces of snow”. So, his mother had to really make sure he got cheese sliced into thin shreds so that Rory takes his tiffin seriously. Also, it looks better this way, cheese trimmed to thin shreds of perfection.


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Enjoy your Pizza without fights

Every. Single. Time.

When the Pizza is delivered and friends come rushing to hog, it looks nothing less than a carefully plucked out scene from a war- movie (given your heights of imagination)! And while the fight continues to tear the pizza slices from the whole, chunks of chicken from one pizza falls, chunks of cheese from his pizza piece clings to mine and, the battle continues. So much drama over Pizza!

Make sure you HAVE a PIZZA CUTTER. Saves pizza, and relationships!

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FnS Kitchen Tools makes you relish your delicacies without the daily hassles. Bring them home. Thank us later!



What’s cooking in your Life?

Sometimes, all it takes is a fine dine moment to shake up the mundane!

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It was one hazy morning and Mr. Ashwin wanted to turn it into an epic day.

He thought of proposing to his long- time girlfriend, asking her to marry him. But, haven’t all that there has been “top ideas to propose to your girlfriend” been already “been there- done that”?

Mr. Ashwin’s gaze suddenly stopped at the fork he was holding, slowly shifting his glance from the picturesque fork to the spoon that was shining all gold tinted and snobbish with the intricate aesthetic beauty of its etched motifs. Eureka!

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“Hi Ela, dinner tonight at my place. I am cooking. See you!”

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Now, when the table talks of opulence in all its beautiful & glorious arrangement of cutlery and wares; flowers strewn all over underlining their companionship; the wind playing softly to the jazz tunes in the background; was she going to not fall in love once again, just like 5 years back?

We’re all dramatic when it comes to matters of the heart.

Make your loved one feel special. Food and love are meant to be together.

Fine dine has its own special hum. Sing along to the clanking.

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“I just needed to maybe, cook a meal or take us out to some fine dining. And it was like old times, the fresh romance, the laughter and giggling? Wow!” Best advice ever.