What’s cooking in your Life?

Sometimes, all it takes is a fine dine moment to shake up the mundane!

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It was one hazy morning and Mr. Ashwin wanted to turn it into an epic day.

He thought of proposing to his long- time girlfriend, asking her to marry him. But, haven’t all that there has been “top ideas to propose to your girlfriend” been already “been there- done that”?

Mr. Ashwin’s gaze suddenly stopped at the fork he was holding, slowly shifting his glance from the picturesque fork to the spoon that was shining all gold tinted and snobbish with the intricate aesthetic beauty of its etched motifs. Eureka!

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“Hi Ela, dinner tonight at my place. I am cooking. See you!”

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Now, when the table talks of opulence in all its beautiful & glorious arrangement of cutlery and wares; flowers strewn all over underlining their companionship; the wind playing softly to the jazz tunes in the background; was she going to not fall in love once again, just like 5 years back?

We’re all dramatic when it comes to matters of the heart.

Make your loved one feel special. Food and love are meant to be together.

Fine dine has its own special hum. Sing along to the clanking.

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“I just needed to maybe, cook a meal or take us out to some fine dining. And it was like old times, the fresh romance, the laughter and giggling? Wow!” Best advice ever.


Love needs spoon-feeding


From time to time, a relationship is required to be spoon-fed or else, monotony haunts it and it falls prey to the humdrum of existence. Without further giving in to the boredom that feeds on us mortals, we better go out into a romantic spot and rekindle our affection towards our special one.

A lot can happen over a romantic dinner

 You don’t necessarily have to run the risk of sounding corny. A romantic dinner to a connoisseur of a luxurious lifestyle is just a fine dining moment. The dining itself becomes food for the soul that your relationship could be lacking at the moment.

All it takes is your little beautiful candle-lit dinner out in some open area by a waterbody or, on your rooftop far from the madding crowd.


The clinking and the clanking of fine cutlery serve as another poetic spell to the gourmet on your platter. Because, it is not about just eating: it is always about the ambiance, the lighting, the music, the way the food is served, and the opulence at your table which is the aesthetically pleasing fine cutlery.


The season is aromatic with the fragrance of love as Valentine’s week is at your behest and Cupid is kind. So, don’t wait around. Just hop on to the opportunity and let love take over you!

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