Anecdotes from the Great Indian Kitchen

The little things are of utmost significance. Why so? Let’s show you.



Sweet-tooth, anyone?

Lyra’s Anglo- Indian friend really looked up to having ‘gaajar ka halwa’ after sitting through an episode on TLC. Nothing would make Lyra happier than tripping her friend up on Indian dishes and that too home-made. The idea met with despair as they did not have access to a Grater to make the work easier.

kitchen tools pic1


A Peel in Time saves just fine.

While Indian ceremonies are big and fat, so is the preparation to pace up the occasion. Three-four women sat together on the kitchen floor chopping vegetables and peeling garlic, onions, etc. It takes forever to peel with a regular knife and to add fuel to fire, the knives sometimes are blunt and demotivating! A stitch in time saves nine. Here, the Peeler!


kitchen tools pic2


Say Cheese!

When it comes to feeding your child’s imagination, God help your patience levels! Rory now likes cheese only if it looks like tiny pieces of snow. Where did he find such a description? He picked that up from school, his friend Nysa always has cheese like “tiny pieces of snow”. So, his mother had to really make sure he got cheese sliced into thin shreds so that Rory takes his tiffin seriously. Also, it looks better this way, cheese trimmed to thin shreds of perfection.


kitchen tools pic3

Enjoy your Pizza without fights

Every. Single. Time.

When the Pizza is delivered and friends come rushing to hog, it looks nothing less than a carefully plucked out scene from a war- movie (given your heights of imagination)! And while the fight continues to tear the pizza slices from the whole, chunks of chicken from one pizza falls, chunks of cheese from his pizza piece clings to mine and, the battle continues. So much drama over Pizza!

Make sure you HAVE a PIZZA CUTTER. Saves pizza, and relationships!

kitchen tools pic4

FnS Kitchen Tools makes you relish your delicacies without the daily hassles. Bring them home. Thank us later!





fns foodgasm 1

Modernity thrives on healthy food regime, but it also relies on the aesthetics of dining. It is not just about the palate that we tend to gorge on scrumptious delicacies to satiate our gastronomic levels after a tiring day at work but it is also the seduction of the dining ambience filled with the trance of well-crafted cutlery that together has the potential to entice you as well as every other person around you.


Cutlery as an embodiment of class

It is not only the food that appeals to our ecstasy-seeking-modern souls, indeed it more than that.

A fine Dine table with an eclectic mix of moods in the ever-shifting modern man’s consciousness; Gold- plated flatware with the chimes of stainless steel all round up to bring to you an exotic culmination of articles to embalm your senses. With the touch of such pristine material and the sight of its sleekness, the connoisseur foodie in you is only a new- age poet.


fns foodgasm 3


What to eat v/s how to eat

It’s not just about WHAT TO EAT, it is also about HOW TO EAT. Cutlery is not just a utilitarian urbane experience but it is accessorizes our dining code and is a lifestyle extravaganza by adding elitism and sets the bar for the Epicureanism in our daily dining.


Love needs spoon-feeding


From time to time, a relationship is required to be spoon-fed or else, monotony haunts it and it falls prey to the humdrum of existence. Without further giving in to the boredom that feeds on us mortals, we better go out into a romantic spot and rekindle our affection towards our special one.

A lot can happen over a romantic dinner

 You don’t necessarily have to run the risk of sounding corny. A romantic dinner to a connoisseur of a luxurious lifestyle is just a fine dining moment. The dining itself becomes food for the soul that your relationship could be lacking at the moment.

All it takes is your little beautiful candle-lit dinner out in some open area by a waterbody or, on your rooftop far from the madding crowd.


The clinking and the clanking of fine cutlery serve as another poetic spell to the gourmet on your platter. Because, it is not about just eating: it is always about the ambiance, the lighting, the music, the way the food is served, and the opulence at your table which is the aesthetically pleasing fine cutlery.


The season is aromatic with the fragrance of love as Valentine’s week is at your behest and Cupid is kind. So, don’t wait around. Just hop on to the opportunity and let love take over you!

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